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Craig Bouchard Wins a 2024 Global Recognition Award(TM)

Press Release Plentisoft Mar. 12, 2024 Business Insider In a significant achievement that underscores the impact of innovative literature on global culture, Craig Bouchard has been honored with a 2024 Global Recognition Award(TM). New York, United States – March 13, 2024 — In a significant achievement that underscores the impact of innovative literature on global […]

Soul Ties of Spies: A Quantum Leap in Espionage Fiction

Craig Bouchard’s breakthrough novel blends quantum physics, romance and espionage in a captivating tale. by : ELLECanada.com – Dec 14th, 2023 Craig Bouchard, author of Soul Ties of Spies Contributor Content by: Anne Schulze In a world where spy novels often revolve around men, car chases and covert operations, Craig Bouchard’s Soul Ties of Spies […]

‘Soul Ties of Spies’: Unveiling Craig Bouchard’s Genre-Bending Masterpiece

A Fusion of Espionage, Romance, and Quantum Physics Reshapes Modern Literature by Jack Teodore, New York Weekly In the ever-evolving landscape of modern literature, Craig Bouchard’s “Soul Ties of Spies” emerges as a unique addition that challenges the boundaries of conventional storytelling. As the inaugural volume of the “Natalia’s Game” trilogy, this book seamlessly weaves […]

What Happens When Spies, Love, and Quantum Physics Collide?

In a dimly lit room, the soft hum of a computer breaks the silence. Deep in contemplation, a man ponders the universe’s mysteries, human relationships, and the enigmatic world of espionage. This scene isn’t a teaser for a new spy thriller but a window into the mind of New York Times bestselling author Craig Bouchard, […]

The First Book in the Natalia’s Game Trilogy by Craig T. Bouchard Exceeds All Expectations with its Fascinating Story

By Link to full article at (in Romanian) Libertatea The first appearance of Craig T. Bouchard’s Natalia’s Game, took Europe, the US and Russia by surprise. Recently released, this love and espionage story sprinkled with fascinating elements of quantum physics has piqued the interest of the more than 200 bookstores and 300 newsstands where it […]

Craig T. Bouchard Launches ‘Soul Ties of Spies’

by BOSS Editorial It’s the First Book in the Natalia’s Game Trilogy New York Times Best-Selling author Craig T. Bouchard creates a daring, unique, and action-packed new genre in his latest novel, Soul Ties of Spies. The first book in Natalia’s Game trilogy, Soul Ties of Spies, is being sold in bookstores across Romania. It […]