ISU Redbird Magazine Cover Featuring Craig Bouchard

The Base for Success

Redbird Magazine

by Lauren Hutchcraft

Former Redbird baseball player and successful businessman Craig Bouchard had a ground-breaking idea and Illinois State was where it all began.

“Business is a lot like sports,” Bouchard, a letter winner on the redbird baseball team, said. “I don’t see business as a job, it is a game. If you play hard and fight, you may lose a few, but you win most of them. I never had a job. I get to compete all the time like I did in sports. Business has been much like that.

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New York Times Best-Selling Author Craig Bouchard Debuts New Children’s Book, The Adventures of Ai

Original Press Release


The Adventures of Ai Takes Preteens on a Fantastic Journey Through Culture and Time

CHICAGO, IL—Jul 17, 2014 — Craig Bouchard, international entrepreneur and New York Times Best-Selling Author, creates a unique transmedia entertainment event with his new children’s  fantasy,  “The  Adventures  of Ai”  (  Using  nonfiction  elements,  this  novel,  set  in  16th  century  Japan,  unlocks  the potential of a global generation of preteens. The book is distributed globally through Apple, Google, Samsung and Amazon as an ebook and through the Adventures of Ai game, improving traditional publishing models.

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Ai’s Adventure Game Now Available on iOS and Android

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Lucas Films Veteran Kalani Streicher Creates New Game Based on New York Times Bestselling Author Craig Bouchard’s Children’s Book “Adventures of Ai”; The “World Charity Cup” Competition of Video

CHICAGO, IL—Jul 17, 2014 — Craig Bouchard and Kalani Games today announced the launch of the “Ai’s Adventure,” a 3-D mobile game available on iOS7, Android, Samsung and Kindle. The unique game includes interconnective elements with the Adventures of Ai online experience (, expected to gather game players across four continents in one online location. Using  Google  Translation  technology, teenage players everywhere can communicate in a blog, breaking video game cultural barriers.

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Nothing Hostile in Craig Bouchard’s Latest Venture

Crain’s Chicago Business, Blog

By Shia Kapos

Local businessman Craig Bouchard has written an e-book with an accompanying video game he hopes will change the world of publishing with its philanthropic model.

If you know his history at all, you know he just might do it.

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Your Organic Child

Blog by KAT

Adventures of Ai  is an upcoming children’s eBook written by New York Times bestselling author, Craig Bouchard.  The story is a part non-fiction and part fiction fantasy targeted at girls and boys ages 9-12 for the pressures they will encounter as they grow up, and incorporates subjects like art, history, poetry, music and mathematics.

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Truth Teller Mom

Blog by Liz Hendricks

I recently had the pleasure of reading a childrens book before its release on July 16th. The book is “Adventures of Ai” and takes you on an adventure like no other adventure I’ve been on with a book. Yes this is a children’s book targeted at girls and boys ages 9-12 but after experiencing the ride it took me on, I would say this book is for anyone!

Each chapter of this book takes you to a different place in the world literally and you have no idea where you will end up. First you think you are just reading about story time but the author pulls you into the story and once its over you have totally forgotten it is fiction. Craig Bouchard is a New York Times bestselling author and I can see why. His ability to to draw you into the story and make you feel as though you are experiencing it first hand is outstanding.

I would highly recommend this book to all families. There are chapters and advertures in this book that I am sure anyone can relate to. I dont want to give away too much but this book twists fiction and non-fiction and when its turns fiction you become hooked. Ai is an amazing character that you want to know everything about and cant put the book down until you know everything about her.

A Busy Four Years for Craig Bouchard


by Pamela Lannom, Editor

When I first met Craig Bouchard in July 2010, he told me about his business endeavors (owning oil companies, the Naples Bath and Tennis Club, and a steel company with $4 billion in revenue, to name a few). Then he surprised me with the comment that he thought his greatest accomplishment would be the children’s novel he was finishing.

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60 Seconds, Craig Bouchard

The Hinsdalean

By Pamela Lannom

One of seven children • Has twin granddaughters • Attended Illinois State on a baseball scholarship • Is working to bring Cubs spring training to Naples • Helped found a mathematics software company • Spent 19 years in banking

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