The Adventures of Ai, Book Cover

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The Adventures of Ai in Taiwan…

The Adventures of Ai in Taiwan

The Adventures of Ai

Unlock Your Potential

The Adventures of Ai is a wonderfully complex thing.

It’s the story of a stranger in Japan who finds a family by accident.
This family connects him with their country and their history.
They share their family’s unusual secret with him…
The Haras family gives rise to very exceptional girls.

Rewind to the first of her kind. Ai.
Her story unfolds in a series of adventures –
each adventure is a lesson in empowerment for Ai and the reader.
History. Art. Mathematics. Geography.
Leonardo DaVinci. Albrect Durer.
Animals. Magic Trees. Treasure. Monsters.
Japanese symbols. Haiku. Classical Music.
Young love.
Pythagorean theory.

The Adventures of Ai is the perfect hybrid between
Fairy Tale and Reality.
Gaming and Reading.
You don’t just read it. You learn it. You play it.
And if when you’re done…

“When you grow up, you will be a rare person.”

Who will unlock the adventures of Ai?

Tiger Parents and Tiger Kids are competitive.
What’s your MAP score?
What’s your tennis rank?
What level are you at in Candy Crush?
You still drink organic milk? OMG switch to soymilk!
Has your 9 year old read Ray Bradbury yet?
This is our reality.
The world is competitive.
We embrace it.
We don’t want to send our kids out into the world unprepared.

A lot of the competitive things Tiger Kids have to endure is not fun.
Weekend tutors.
Piano lessons.
Hamburgers made from hemp.

Adventures of Ai makes math, history, geography fun.

You don’t just read it, you play it.
Adventures of Ai makes reading a competitive sport.

Who will unlock the Adventures Ai?

Level by level, lesson by lesson, adventure by adventure
kids don’t just sit and read.
They actively unlock the story.
There is no guarantee you are going to get to read Chapter 3 today.
You only get to play it and read it if you can unlock it.

Tiger parents and Tiger kids are always competing.
It’s our way of life and we like it like that. Without the challenge, we are bored.
The Adventures of Ai is all about learning and mastering skills
and unlocking new ideas and challenges at each level.
Since there are 7 books planned in this series,
what if the whole thing becomes a game?
We invite a select number of Tiger Kids to participate.

Unlock the book.
Unlock the adventure.
Play the book by unlocking it.
Anybody can read. Not everybody can unlock.
Read it competitively.

The Adventures of Ai makes reading a game.

Things readers unlock

  • Game levels
  • Music
  • New Adventures
  • Secret Adventures

high-end better than Temple Run graphics inspired by
the Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki
Spirited Away

We don’t market this book to the globe.
We challenge the globe.
You don’t read this book.
You play this book.
Bring your imagination, bring your calculator, bring your “A” game

What level are you on?
This becomes part of our Tiger Vernacular.
Kids ask kids. Moms ask moms.

The adventure begins by invitation only…

Who will unlock the Adventures of Ai?


A girl on a Crane and a Horse really circles the world – how empowering to really watch her go – think about watching the guys who run the Olympic Torch around the globe. What a great global adventure. Will she come to your town? How cool would that be?

The book comes to you piece by piece every day.
You don’t read it. You play it.

Read the book.
Hear the book.
Live the book.

Maybe even get class credit for the book…

Hmmmm, lots to think about.

The Adventures of Ai is a historical novel aimed at girls’ ages 9-14, and their tiger parents. The format is a bedtime story told by a dad to his three daughters. The story begins today, then goes back 20 years to a family living next-door in Tokyo, and from there back five hundred years to their ancestors. The main character is an eleven-year-old girl named Ai who lived in the year 1514.

The story incorporates beautiful art, history, and mathematics into the adventure. There is a mix of fictional and famous non-fictional characters.

I wrote the book as a survival guide for modern pre-teen girls, hoping to prepare them to be thoughtful, independent, strong, and ready for the world. I also want to challenge them in school. There are far too few books with a young girl as the hero.

The illustrator, Kam Mak, ( is a celebrated Chinese-American artist.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.


With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.

Dalai Lama

Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.

Bill Bradley