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Craig Bouchard Wins a 2024 Global Recognition Award(TM)

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Mar. 12, 2024

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In a significant achievement that underscores the impact of innovative literature on global culture, Craig Bouchard has been honored with a 2024 Global Recognition Award(TM).

New York, United States – March 13, 2024 —

Craig Bouchard in Forest with DogIn a significant achievement that underscores the impact of innovative literature on global culture, Craig Bouchard has been honored with a 2024 Global Recognition Award(TM). This accolade celebrates his remarkable success with the novel “Soul Ties of Spies,” which has not only topped the Amazon Best Seller list in Espionage and Technothrillers but also garnered critical acclaim for its groundbreaking approach to the genre. By integrating elements of quantum physics into a riveting narrative of international espionage, Bouchard has redefined the boundaries of spy fiction.

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Soul Ties of Spies: A Quantum Leap in Espionage Fiction

Craig Bouchard’s breakthrough novel blends quantum physics, romance and espionage in a captivating tale.

by : – Dec 14th, 2023

Craig Bouchard, author of Soul Ties of Spies

Contributor Content by: Anne Schulze

In a world where spy novels often revolve around men, car chases and covert operations, Craig Bouchard’s Soul Ties of Spies dares to redefine the genre. This novel delves deep into the complexities of quantum physics, intertwining heated romance with a soul-tie relationship and offering readers a fresh and thrilling perspective on the genre of espionage. In Bouchard’s classic, a woman becomes the most powerful person on the planet

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‘Soul Ties of Spies’: Unveiling Craig Bouchard’s Genre-Bending Masterpiece

A Fusion of Espionage, Romance, and Quantum Physics Reshapes Modern Literature

by Jack Teodore, New York Weekly

Craig Portrait Outside

Craig Bouchard

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern literature, Craig Bouchard’s “Soul Ties of Spies” emerges as a unique addition that challenges the boundaries of conventional storytelling. As the inaugural volume of the “Natalia’s Game” trilogy, this book seamlessly weaves together espionage, flaming romance, and quantum physics, carving a distinctive niche in the literary and, perhaps, video world.

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Is Craig Bouchard’s ‘Soul Ties of Spies’ the Future of Espionage Fiction?

By AJ Ignacio – Brand Contributor

October 18, 2023

One may be awash in a sea of fresh titles in a crowded airport bookstore. Amidst the visual and sensory cacophony, a book titled “Soul Ties of Spies” by Craig Bouchard captures any reader’s attention. But this novel aims to do more than merely hold interest—it seeks to challenge and redefine the genre of espionage fiction.

The Evolving Nature of Spy Fiction

The year 2023 is when the lines between literary genres blurred to an unprecedented extent. The spy novel is not a new literary invention; what Craig Bouchard brings to the table is fresh context and an updated perspective.

The book is a genre-defying masterpiece, blending elements of science fiction, romance, espionage, and quantum physics, rejecting old-fashioned tropes of spy fiction. More than just providing a form of entertainment, Bouchard aims to create a resonant and reflective experience. “It’s not James Bond or Jason Bourne,” says Bouchard. They were the heroes of prior generations.”

Bouchard writes his novels in the present tense, which is unusual in fiction. He wants the reader in the room with the main characters, Natalia Net and Crew Thomas. “It’s a challenge to portray the relationship between a man and a woman with each POV written by a man,” says the New York Times best-selling author.

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Is Craig Bouchard the Missing Link Between Business and Literature?

October 16, 2023

The Ritz Herald

Craig Bouchard, a New York Times bestselling author now steering a clean energy firm, was once a young bank executive who stood at the intersection of commerce and creative writing amid the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong and Tokyo, where the hum of business deals merges with the whispers of ancient tales. Little did he know that this crossroad would shape his legacy, weaving together the worlds of groundbreaking technology and compelling narratives.

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What Happens When Spies, Love, and Quantum Physics Collide?

In a dimly lit room, the soft hum of a computer breaks the silence. Deep in contemplation, a man ponders the universe’s mysteries, human relationships, and the enigmatic world of espionage. This scene isn’t a teaser for a new spy thriller but a window into the mind of New York Times bestselling author Craig Bouchard, the mastermind behind “Soul Ties of Spies.”

10.11.2023 by L’Officiel Monaco


Craig Bouchard

New York Times bestselling author Craig Bouchard

Diving Into the ‘Soul Tie’

“Soul Ties of Spies” diverges from traditional espionage tales, intertwining quantum physics, romance, and international conflict. At its core lies a complex web of global intelligence agencies: the CIA, Scotland Yard, Russia’s FSB (formerly the KGB), and the Romanian SRI. These agencies, often at odds in the real world, unite in Bouchard’s universe to tackle a shared threat.

Central to the story are Crew and Natalia, two spies bound by an inexplicable “soul tie.” Their journey transcends the physical, introducing readers to astral projection and teleportation. However, every light casts a shadow; in this tale, it takes the form of Alina Balan. A cunning antagonist, Alina adds layers of complexity to the narrative. Her presence, fueled by jealousy and ambition, tests the strength of Crew and Natalia’s bond. “It’s a reflection of the human condition,” Bouchard observes. “We’re constantly navigating the complexities of relationships, trust, and betrayal.”

Moreover, the story’s depth is enhanced by including Nora, the granddaughter of a real-life famous Russian sniper from WWII. Her lineage adds layers of historical context and intrigue to the narrative. “This isn’t a mere spy story,” Bouchard reflects. “It delves into profound connections, bonds that challenge our understanding of reality.”

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LA Weekly

Craig Bouchard Directs An Intriguing Dance of Love and Espionage in ‘Soul Ties of Spies’

LA Weekly | Written in partnership with Kris Escueta

Craig Bouchard, Photo

Craig Bouchard, author of Soul Ties of Spies (Photo from Craig Bouchard)

In a room where old books and handwritten notes feel as real as people, science and romance mix in unexpected ways. Craig Bouchard, a New York Times Best Selling Author and innovative entrepreneur, invites readers into this nuanced world through his latest work, “Soul Ties of Spies, book one of the “Natalia’s Game” trilogy,” where romance, espionage, and quantum physics meet head on.

“Soul Ties of Spies” has garnered a diverse following, reflecting its genre-defying content. Blogger Karen Dee captures the book’s essence in her Instagram post: “It’s a love story, a spy story with awesome quantum physics thrown in there. Natalia is a smart, fierce, kick-ass woman with teleporting and astral dreaming skills. Crew is a brilliant spy and quantum physics expert who falls for Natalia. They become spy partners and lovers while discovering a deep soul-tie connection.”

Bouchard’s book uniquely blends espionage, romance, and diplomacy inside a world where the CIA, FSB, Scotland Yard and the Romanian SRI must work together to save the world. Is this a new imprint for the way things should be?

As a business leader and literary figure, Bouchard brings two demanding skills together, as evidenced by his latest work and past achievements, including co-founding six companies and being a finalist for the Platts/S&P CEO of the Year Award in the global metals industries in 2018. His online presence is another sign of his broad impact, with a staggering 6.5 million hits on Google and 50,000 followers on social media sites.

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The First Book in the Natalia’s Game Trilogy by Craig T. Bouchard Exceeds All Expectations with its Fascinating Story

By Ringier Advertising

Link to full article at (in Romanian) Libertatea

The first appearance of Craig T. Bouchard’s Natalia’s Game, took Europe, the US and Russia by surprise. Recently released, this love and espionage story sprinkled with fascinating elements of quantum physics has piqued the interest of the more than 200 bookstores and 300 newsstands where it was initially distributed. The novel tells the story of a legendary and fascinating American spy, General Crew Thomas from the CIA, and Natalia Net, a top assassin from the ranks of the SRI that readers will fall in love with from the first pages.

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Author Craig T. Bouchard on His New Book ‘Soul Ties of Spies’

By Exec Edge Editorial Staff

Exec Edge caught up with caught up with Craig T. Bouchard to find out about his latest book Soul Ties of Spies.

Exec Edge: As a New York Times Bestselling author, why did you shift from writing about business to creating a dynamic spy novel?

The world is rapidly changing, as we have known it for a century. Business, politics, science, culture, and human developments have mutated into forms we haven’t experienced. So, I am writing about the danger of this.

Exec Edge: What – or who – was your inspiration for Soul Ties of Spies’ female heroine, Natalia Net?

My daughters. As a society, we continue to lack real female heroes in entertainment and in the media. When I watch Netflix or Amazon, let alone Disney, I can’t find modern-day women I want my daughters to emulate. Strong, intelligent, independent, fit, with beautiful minds, and that critical intangible, killer instinct. And yes, what does it mean for a woman to be sexy? (Hard for a dad to say!) It’s a cruel world out there, full of predators. I want bad guys to fear my daughters, not the other way around…

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Boss Magazine

Craig T. Bouchard Launches ‘Soul Ties of Spies’

by BOSS Editorial

It’s the First Book in the Natalia’s Game Trilogy

New York Times Best-Selling author Craig T. Bouchard creates a daring, unique, and action-packed new genre in his latest novel, Soul Ties of Spies. The first book in Natalia’s Game trilogy, Soul Ties of Spies, is being sold in bookstores across Romania. It opens in Moscow this week with no end to its growing European popularity.

So, we became curious about Bouchard’s latest adventures.

Where does the Soul Ties of Spies narrative focus?

The novel’s main themes include cooperation among intelligence agents in Russia, Romania, the UK, and the United States of America, a love story between two protagonists, and a quantum physics twist…

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