The First Book in the Natalia’s Game Trilogy by Craig T. Bouchard Exceeds All Expectations with its Fascinating Story

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The first appearance of Craig T. Bouchard’s Natalia’s Game, took Europe, the US and Russia by surprise. Recently released, this love and espionage story sprinkled with fascinating elements of quantum physics has piqued the interest of the more than 200 bookstores and 300 newsstands where it was initially distributed. The novel tells the story of a legendary and fascinating American spy, General Crew Thomas from the CIA, and Natalia Net, a top assassin from the ranks of the SRI that readers will fall in love with from the first pages.

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Author Craig T. Bouchard on His New Book ‘Soul Ties of Spies’

By Exec Edge Editorial Staff

Exec Edge caught up with caught up with Craig T. Bouchard to find out about his latest book Soul Ties of Spies.

Exec Edge: As a New York Times Bestselling author, why did you shift from writing about business to creating a dynamic spy novel?

The world is rapidly changing, as we have known it for a century. Business, politics, science, culture, and human developments have mutated into forms we haven’t experienced. So, I am writing about the danger of this.

Exec Edge: What – or who – was your inspiration for Soul Ties of Spies’ female heroine, Natalia Net?

My daughters. As a society, we continue to lack real female heroes in entertainment and in the media. When I watch Netflix or Amazon, let alone Disney, I can’t find modern-day women I want my daughters to emulate. Strong, intelligent, independent, fit, with beautiful minds, and that critical intangible, killer instinct. And yes, what does it mean for a woman to be sexy? (Hard for a dad to say!) It’s a cruel world out there, full of predators. I want bad guys to fear my daughters, not the other way around…

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Boss Magazine

Craig T. Bouchard Launches ‘Soul Ties of Spies’

by BOSS Editorial

It’s the First Book in the Natalia’s Game Trilogy

New York Times Best-Selling author Craig T. Bouchard creates a daring, unique, and action-packed new genre in his latest novel, Soul Ties of Spies. The first book in Natalia’s Game trilogy, Soul Ties of Spies, is being sold in bookstores across Romania. It opens in Moscow this week with no end to its growing European popularity.

So, we became curious about Bouchard’s latest adventures.

Where does the Soul Ties of Spies narrative focus?

The novel’s main themes include cooperation among intelligence agents in Russia, Romania, the UK, and the United States of America, a love story between two protagonists, and a quantum physics twist…

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Austin Business Journal

Craig T. Bouchard, New York Times Best-Selling author at Ecolution kWh

The groundbreaking entrepreneur, businessman, and New York Times Best-Selling author of “The Caterpillar Way”, Craig T. Bouchard has delved into dynamic new genres in his latest fiction novel about the world of spies and so much more. Soul Ties of Spies, the first book in the anticipated Natalia’s Game trilogy, launched last month at the Gaudeamus International Book Fair in Bucharest. Last week, Bouchard attended a highly anticipated book signing at Carusel Books along with his publisher.

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Book signing in Bucharest

See Craig’s post at LinkedIn about the book signing in Bucharest.

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Craig T. Bouchard, New York Times Bestselling Author, Announces Highly Anticipated New Fiction Trilogy with Launch at the Gaudeamus International Book Fair in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, RO — December 12, 2022 — Soul Ties of Spies, the first book in the anticipated Natalia’s Game trilogy by Craig T. Bouchard launched this past week at the Gaudeamus International Book Fair in Bucharest. Its first edition is published by Carusel Books and will initially be sold at an estimated 200 bookstores and 150 newsstands across Romania during the launch.

The groundbreaking entrepreneur, businessman, and New York Times Best-Selling author of “The Caterpillar Way”, expands into dynamic new genres in his latest fiction novel about the world of spies and so much more.

Soul Ties of Spies quickly captivates readers with action-packed writing and a thrilling storyline. Through alternating points of view from the novel’s two protagonists, both spies, Bouchard guides readers through a fast-paced dive into hot current topics like quantum physics, war, the global order, geostrategy, shifting national boundaries, and the role of covert intelligence.

“Bouchard enables readers to peer into the life of legendary American spy, Crew Thomas – a master of quantum physics who searches the world for a partner to help him break the final frontier in the world of spying: the time barrier,” said Catalin Georgescu, COO of Carusel Books.

Crew Thomas and the CIA discover Natalia Net, the book’s primary persona and Romanian female heroine. Natalia is a covert operative in the SRI – the Romanian intelligence service – an assassin with lucid dreaming skills. In partnership, the novel’s two protagonists project into the future, preventing a global catastrophe. Crew and Natalia complement each other through unique quantum abilities and their deep soul tie attraction, making Soul Ties of Spies a tale of the ages. The readers will be surprised in the final pages of the book.

Bouchard adds, “The theme of the Natalia’s Game trilogy is incredibly relevant to our society, especially in its current divisive state. The collaboration between Romanian Natalia Net, General Thomas, and Russian spies speaks volumes on how principals of the world powers must work together for the greater good of humanity. The divide we find ourselves in today is not acceptable.”

Soul Ties of Spies is currently available at,,,,, and in all the major bookstore chains in Romania, including Carturesti, Librariile Alexandria, Diverta, CLB, and Compas. The book will also be available in newsstands around Romania starting December 14th.

About Craig T. Bouchard
Craig T. Bouchard is an entrepreneur, renowned businessman, and New York Times Best-Selling author. He is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Ecolution kWh, an innovative zero-carbon emissions power company serving the global transportation industry, and the Co-Chairman of Space Railway Corporation. Bouchard published his first book, “America For Sale” in 2009. His second book, published in 2013, “The Caterpillar Way: Lessons in Leadership, Growth and Shareholder Value” reached #1 on the Barnes and Noble Best-Seller List and climbed to a revered 8th spot on the New York Times Best-Seller List in the business category.


The Innovative Way Craig Bouchard’s Space Railway Could Tackle Space Exploration

By Space Coast Daily

In May 2022, Craig Bouchard joined Dr. Kenneth Douglas and General Donald McGregor, founders of The Space Railway Corporation, on a mission to design a more efficient way to carry cargo into space and return on the same ship with a load of rare commodities.

The company is building a patent portfolio around its proprietary technologies involving propulsion, energy conversion, vehicle design, and the needed advanced materials. The centerpiece of the mission is a futuristic technology called the Space Railway.

And it’s loosely based on concepts scientists have theorized about since 1895. The company’s goal is not to build the Railway. That construction project will become the largest in history, likely to be taken on by a consortium of nations aligned politically and economically to work together to explore deep space.

Before diving into the specifics of the tech, though, it’s worth reviewing the current state of space exploration. Because what’s driving Craig Bouchard, General McGregor, and Dr. Douglas is a belief that the Space Railway could solve an unmet global need to eventually colonize outer space…

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Aluminum Supply Chain Shortages to Come to an End

Four years ago, Time Magazine published a seven-page article entitled, “Welcome Comrades” detailing an investment by United Company Rusal of up to $200 million in an aluminum mill to be built in Ashland, Kentucky. The US aluminum industry was growing old, and a venture capitalist named Craig Bouchard had the vision to build a mill utilizing the talented and available workforce in Northeast Kentucky…

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Amarillo Globe-News,

Amarillo Signs Letter of Intent for Partnership Using Kinetic Energy with City Vehicles

Michael Cuviello | Amarillo Globe-News

Rich Gagnon, assistant city manager and chief information officer for the city of Amarillo, addressed the Amarillo City Council last week and the media at Wednesday’s Amarillo Lunch and Learn event to talk about the city’s proposed project with Ecolution, which would work to transition the city’s vehicle fleet to electric while creating self-sufficient energy to save on energy usage costs for the city.

Ecolution is a company introducing systems that create electricity from the motion of vehicles; this energy would be stored and then used to supply charging stations. The proposed partnership would be at no cost to the city…

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Ecolution Power Co.

Craig Bouchard – Ecolution TedxMinneapolis Entry

Craig Bouchard discusses Ecolution Power Company’s collaboration with St. Paul, Minnesota to become the first “Smart City” to achieve net-zero emissions.