The Adventures of Ai:

The Adventures of Ai is a historical novel aimed at girls’ ages 9-14, and their tiger parents. The format is a bedtime story told by a dad to his three daughters. The story begins today, then goes back 20 years to a family living next-door in Tokyo, and from there back five hundred years…


The Adventures of Ai

The Caterpillar Way:

#7 New York Times Best Seller list!

November 3, 2013

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For the past year, my co-author, Jim Koch and I have been working on the unedited but authorized biography of the great company, Caterpillar Inc. The opportunity was extraordinary. We were invited inside and given free access to the CEO, Three former CEO’s, CFO, Board Members, Executive Vice Presidents, General Managers, Dealerships, Unions, Executives and Wall Street Analysts…


The Caterpillar Way

America for Sale:

How the Foreign Pack Circled and Devoured Esmark

Our story provides an insider’s glimpse at the fireworks surrounding a unique hostile takeover on Wall Street and the quiet ascent of a labor union to a renewed position of power in corporate America and in Washington, DC. In the process, we have attempted to create an economic road map for any hardworking American attempting to understand the astounding politics of the Obama administration, and the implications for our economy in 2010 and beyond.


America for Sale