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Soul Ties of Spies: A Quantum Leap in Espionage Fiction

Craig Bouchard’s breakthrough novel blends quantum physics, romance and espionage in a captivating tale.

by : ELLECanada.com – Dec 14th, 2023

Craig Bouchard, author of Soul Ties of Spies

Contributor Content by: Anne Schulze

In a world where spy novels often revolve around men, car chases and covert operations, Craig Bouchard’s Soul Ties of Spies dares to redefine the genre. This novel delves deep into the complexities of quantum physics, intertwining heated romance with a soul-tie relationship and offering readers a fresh and thrilling perspective on the genre of espionage. In Bouchard’s classic, a woman becomes the most powerful person on the planet

Blending Quantum Mysteries With Espionage

Natalia Net Ascending

Natalia Net, Ascending. Painting by Neta Maman.

Soul Ties of Spies is a masterpiece in which quantum physics, romance and espionage collide spectacularly. The story introduces Natalia Net and Crew Thomas, two characters who embody raw emotion, attraction and intellect. They have special skills. In their world, astral projection and teleportation are integral to staying alive.

Bouchard’s unique entrepreneurship and intelligence-gathering background have helped him infuse the narrative with a rare sense of realism. He seamlessly weaves in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, grounding the fantastical tale in real-world events. This fusion of fact and fiction adds depth to the story, leaving readers pondering the blurred lines between reality and fantasy.

Transforming the World of Spy Novels

Bouchard targets the young internet-savvy generations by tapping into contemporary themes. “I created a story that resonates with gen X and gen Z readers while also capturing their parents,” says the New York Times bestselling author, emphasizing the novel’s fusion of scientific and emotional elements.

Soul Ties of Spies Book Cover

The first installment of the Natalia’s Game trilogy, Soul Ties of Spies is an ambitious project that challenges readers to transcend the traditional boundaries of spy fiction. Bouchard’s story encourages readers to explore the depth of human relationships and our understanding of reality. “We often forget the power of a story in today’s troubled era,” observes Bouchard. “This novel is a journey, challenging our perceptions of love and reality.”

Introducing Amazon’s New Star in the Espionage Genre

Amazon’s dominance in the book industry generates approximately $28 billion in book sales annually, allowing it to stand alone as a leading global book distributor. Amid this sea of titles, Soul Ties of Spies has been a remarkable success. Of the 300 million print books that Amazon sold this year, Soul Ties of Spies reached No. 1 in two categories—technothrillers and espionage thrillers—and achieved an astounding Top 60 ranking across all categories of fiction and non-fiction Amazon/Kindle eBooks.

Nana Nishi

Nana Nishi. Painting by Neta Maman.

Aspiring for a global reach, Bouchard says: “Seeing Soul Ties of Spies resonate on a platform as influential as Amazon is humbling and exhilarating. It suggests that the story’s blend of espionage, science and emotion has a universal appeal.”

A Revelation Beyond Espionage

Natalia Net

Natalia Net. Painting by Neta Maman.

More than just an espionage novel, Craig Bouchard’s Soul Ties of Spies is a revelation. The book entertains and enlightens, urging its audience to ponder the untapped potential of the human mind and body. In an era where literature and digital publishing collide, Bouchard illuminates the boundless possibilities of human imagination, redefining what a spy novel can be.

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