The Caterpillar Way

“Lessons in Leadership, Growth and Shareholder Value”

For two years my co-author, Jim Koch and I worked on the unedited but authorized biography of the great company, Caterpillar Inc. The opportunity was extraordinary. We were invited inside and given free access to the CEO, Three former CEO’s, CFO, Board Members, Executive Vice Presidents, General Managers, Dealerships, Unions, Executives and Wall Street Analysts. Our task was to analyze the company from 1980 until today. In the beginning of our research period, CAT went three consecutive years losing approximately $1 million per day. They were in serious trouble and the company’s continuing existence was in some measure of doubt. Today, the company is the dominant leader of its industries on a global basis. CAT may well be the best managed company in the world. To achieve such a turnaround required a series of successful strategic and operational changes. Enormous changes. Our book tells the entire story while giving inside advice on how managers and board members of your company can benefit from our analysis. We also provide insights to stock market investors on what to look for when investing in large companies like CAT. You will find these passages valuable. The conclusion of our book predicts CAT’s financial performance through 2020. You will be more than surprised to read our scenarios and the resulting stock prices predicted.

McGraw Hill made “The Caterpillar Way” one of its top titles in 2013. Our work paid off.  The Caterpillar Way became #1 of the Barnes and Noble Best Seller list and #7 of the New York Times Best Seller list. The book has been a strong seller during 2016 in mainland China, translated into simplified Chinese for that marketplace.

Published by McGraw Hill
Craig T. Bouchard and James V. Koch