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Is Craig Bouchard the Missing Link Between Business and Literature?

October 16, 2023

The Ritz Herald

Craig Bouchard, a New York Times bestselling author now steering a clean energy firm, was once a young bank executive who stood at the intersection of commerce and creative writing amid the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong and Tokyo, where the hum of business deals merges with the whispers of ancient tales. Little did he know that this crossroad would shape his legacy, weaving together the worlds of groundbreaking technology and compelling narratives.

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Amarillo Globe-News,

Amarillo Signs Letter of Intent for Partnership Using Kinetic Energy with City Vehicles

Michael Cuviello | Amarillo Globe-News

Rich Gagnon, assistant city manager and chief information officer for the city of Amarillo, addressed the Amarillo City Council last week and the media at Wednesday’s Amarillo Lunch and Learn event to talk about the city’s proposed project with Ecolution, which would work to transition the city’s vehicle fleet to electric while creating self-sufficient energy to save on energy usage costs for the city.

Ecolution is a company introducing systems that create electricity from the motion of vehicles; this energy would be stored and then used to supply charging stations. The proposed partnership would be at no cost to the city…

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