The Innovative Way Craig Bouchard’s Space Railway Could Tackle Space Exploration

By Space Coast Daily

In May 2022, Craig Bouchard joined Dr. Kenneth Douglas and General Donald McGregor, founders of The Space Railway Corporation, on a mission to design a more efficient way to carry cargo into space and return on the same ship with a load of rare commodities.

The company is building a patent portfolio around its proprietary technologies involving propulsion, energy conversion, vehicle design, and the needed advanced materials. The centerpiece of the mission is a futuristic technology called the Space Railway.

And it’s loosely based on concepts scientists have theorized about since 1895. The company’s goal is not to build the Railway. That construction project will become the largest in history, likely to be taken on by a consortium of nations aligned politically and economically to work together to explore deep space.

Before diving into the specifics of the tech, though, it’s worth reviewing the current state of space exploration. Because what’s driving Craig Bouchard, General McGregor, and Dr. Douglas is a belief that the Space Railway could solve an unmet global need to eventually colonize outer space…

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