Bouchard Takes you Inside the Global Tug-of-War for the Control of Esmark


By Scott Robertson

Subscribers to AMM have read for years of mergers and acquisitions in metals, efforts to consolidate the steel industry and the motives of industry magnates like Lakshmi Mittal, Alexei Mordashov, Wilbur Ross and others.

As numerous, as complex and as detailed as many of those stories are—and surely will be in the future—AMM never had a reporter sitting in a closed-door meeting with the principals when a deal was on the table.

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David Moulton: Are the Cubs Playing Naples for a Better Deal in Arizona?


In the aftermath of my report Sunday that the Chicago Cubs are seriously considering moving their minor league operations and making Naples their spring training home, I’ve received more than 700 e-mails ( from Collier County residents and sports fans who have questions, concerns or doubts about this story.

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Sites Competing for Cubs’ Spring Facility |

By Carrie Muskat

Mesa, Ariz., and Naples, Fla., out to persuade new ownership

The cities of Mesa, Ariz., and Naples, Fla., are gearing up for a battle over the Cubs.

On Thursday, officials from Chicago-based Esmark Inc. and Naples-based Fifth Avenue Advisors held a news conference in Naples announcing their intent to convince the team to move from Arizona to Collier County in Florida.

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Cubs Eye Florida Spring Training Sites

Naples Daily News

NAPLES — A group was formed four months ago with the purpose of making Collier County the spring training home for the Chicago Cubs, the Naples Daily News has learned.

And that group already has met with the Cubs – both at their headquarters in Wrigley Field, and earlier this month in Naples for a two-day visit by new owner Tom Ricketts and CEO Crane Kenney.

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Bouchard Sees New Risks Ahead for US

American Metal Market

By Scott Robertson

Craig T. Bouchard has managed his way through the global financial crisis and learned a few lessons along the way. Among them are that more such crises can be expected in the future.

Bouchard, president and co-founder of the former Chicago-based Esmark Inc., warned executives attending Chicago’s Association for Corporate Growth Forum on Friday that new risks are percolating below the surface of the U.S. economy. Some of those risks include significantly higher interest rates, re-inflation of commodity prices, a further weakening of the U.S. dollar and a coming rush by foreign companies to purchase equity in industries potentially critical to national defense, most notably steel.

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The Launch of “America for Sale: How the Foreign Pack Circled and Devoured Esmark”

October 2, 2009 marked the launch of “America For Sale: How the Foreign Pack Circled and Devoured Esmark,” co-authored by Esmark Inc. Vice Chairman and co-founder Craig T. Bouchard and noted economist, Dr. James V. Koch. Hundreds of news organizations around the world carried stories about the book and the authors bold predictions about the future of the U.S. economy. Here’s just sampling of the the kinds of media organizations that covered the book launch and several select stories.

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Welcome to the New Normal

By John Mauldin

What We See
And What We Don’t See
The Statistical Recovery
A Double-Dip Recession?
Welcome to the New Normal
Birthdays, New Orleans, and then the Road Trip from Hell

Unemployment is high and rising. But if the recession is over, won’t employment start to rise? The quick answer is no. We look deeper into the Statistical Recovery and find yet more reasons to be concerned about near-term deflation.

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Read the Union Health-Care Label

Get ready for Detroit-style labor relations in our hospitals.

Wall Street Journal

By Mark Mix

In the heated debates on health-care reform, not enough attention is being paid to the huge financial windfalls ObamaCare will dole out to unions—or to the provisions in the various bills in Congress that will help bring about the forced unionization of the health-care industry.

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Warning: Oil Supplies are Running Out Fast

Catastrophic shortfalls threaten economic recovery, says world’s top energy economist

By Steve Connor, Science Editor

The world is heading for a catastrophic energy crunch that could cripple a global economic recovery because most of the major oil fields in the world have passed their peak production, a leading energy economist has warned.

Higher oil prices brought on by a rapid increase in demand and a stagnation, or even decline, in supply could blow any recovery off course, said Dr Fatih Birol, the chief economist at the respected International Energy Agency (IEA) in Paris, which is charged with the task of assessing future energy supplies by OECD countries.

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