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Braidy Industries: High Tech Aluminum Production, Eco-friendly Alloys

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Aluminum is one of the most important metals for humanity. The material scientists are still discovering the new utilities for this metal. Ashland, Kentucky-based Braidy Industries is the leading game when it comes to this discovery.

The company’s initial project is a 2.5 million-square-foot, one-of-a-kind fully integrated aluminum rolling mill in Eastern Kentucky. This will be the most technically advanced mill in the U.S. It will be the first new mill of this kind in more than 30 years in the country and roughly $1.6 billion is being spent to make this dream happen.

The project is bound to create as many as 1,000 construction jobs and upon completion of the plant, it will be able to employ over 600 people for skilled labor and administration jobs. The mill will be located in the Greenup County, near Ashland, Kentucky right on the Ohio River. Moreover, the CSX railroad runs through this property. The I-64 nearby also connects the mill to over 12 automotive plants in the 300-mile radius, making delivery easy.

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